Posted on Apr 29, 2019

Endless Summer Charters

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to Alaska, Canada, or somewhere warmer like Florida or Central America – or even your home state with a local guide for that matter – there exists a certain etiquette in the charter fishing world. If left unaware, anglers can stumble into some easily avoidable faux pas that can negatively affect their trip. No matter where you’re booking your next fishing excursion, these 2 tips will help you be a better client and should lead to a more enjoyable day for both you and the crew.

1. First impressions go a long way
If you want to ensure your day gets started on the right foot ask your captain for permission to come aboard before stepping into the boat. The boat is their office, their livelihood, and where they spend most of their waking hours, so you can bet it’s near and dear to them. Even if they are waiting for you and give you a warm greeting, asking for permission to come aboard is a great way to instantly get on the captain’s good side and subtlety show them respect.
2. Tell the captain what you want
Communicate with your captain what kind of fishing experience you’re seeking. Fishing captains are skilled at reading the weather, water conditions, and fish behavior – not your mind – so if you don’t tell them what kind of fishing day you want to have there is no way they can help you achieve it. Whether it’s at the dock before you push off, or better yet, days before your actual fishing trip, communicating your desires is key.
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